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AFG Capital Funding Equipment Financing

AFG is a well-established company with a wealth of experience in offering equipment financing solutions across various industries. Our focus lies in creating innovative and customizable financial products and services to suit the specific needs of our clients.

Our team of skilled sales and underwriting professionals collaborates closely with businesses to develop transactions that address their unique requirements and industry characteristics. By taking into account factors such as business cycles, seasonal demands, specialized equipment needs, and more, we deliver solutions that genuinely benefit our customers’ businesses.

We specialize in providing equipment loans and leases across a broad spectrum of transaction sizes, ranging from $5000 to $100 million and beyond. With flexible terms extending up to ten years, we tailor advance rates to match the equipment and creditworthiness of the borrower.

Whether you are a small enterprise seeking financing for essential equipment or a large corporation requiring substantial investments, AFG Capital Equipment Financing is well-equipped to offer you the ideal financing solution. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted and leading name in the equipment financing industry.

For more information about our services and how we can assist your company, please contact our team of experts. We look forward to helping you grow your business with our tailored financing solutions.

Products & Services

With AFG Capital Funding Equipment Financing, you can maintain cash flow, minimize risk and stay ahead of the competition. Receive funding to acquire the equipment you need to expand, while freeing up cash that can be allocated to other areas of your business. Our products and services include:

Key Areas of Focus

AFG Capital Equipment provides financial solutions for small businesses and middle market companies in many industries, including:
AFG Capital Funding will help you fund your equipment financing by calling 1-305-857-6956 or submitting an application to get pre-qualified at no cost to you.

AFG Capital Funding Equipment Financing Advantages

AFG Capital Equipment Finance can help you meet your business objectives. Here are just some of the reasons why equipment leasing could be a smart choice for your company:

Preserve working capital

Corporate equipment acquisition financing or leasing allows companies to take possession of equipment quickly, while preserving working capital for other strategic purposes.

Leverage equity

With a secured loan, companies can take advantage of the equity in their existing equipment, or use newly-purchased equipment as collateral.

Improve cash flow

A revolving line of credit enables companies to improve their cash flow and restructure their debt according to their current and future requirements. Companies can also improve cash flow by reducing their initial investment and monthly payments with certain lease structures.

Reduce risk

Several structures help companies divest obsolescence risk, and provide flexibility to match equipment needs with business cycles.

Support growth with flexible funding options

Businesses can match terms of funding with useful life of equipment. Companies have the option to choose either fixed or floating rates.

Save with possible tax benefits

Equipment financing can result in varied accounting and tax benefits.
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